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TSSadmin Express™

Key Benefits of
TSSadmin Express™

Simplicity & Productivity for Top Secret® z/OS


  • Simplified Security Administration:  Simplify complex Top Secret® for z/OS command syntax with command shortcuts, one-button automated workflows, and quick/effective search capabilities.
  • Enhanced Support Capabilities:  Diagnose and resolve quickly with one-button workflows:
    • simulate and trace resource access violations to their root cause
    • see related administrator change activity
    • zoom to user/profile LIST displays
    • display verified WHOHAS results
  • Enhanced Data Analysis: Aggregate, correlate, and interpret Top Secret® content (SECFILE, Audit/Tracking events, Administrator change activity) with ease, providing clear insights.
  • Increased Productivity: Focus on what matters by automating both routine daily work and complex project processes to improve staff focus and efficiency.
  • Simple and Standalone:  Works alongside Top Secret®.  Unobtrusive with no hooks, exits, middleware, and no APF authorization.  Top Secret® remains in full control, and legacy use is unaffected.  Your data remains local and secure on your mainframe.


Discover how TSSadmin Express™ can transform your Top Secret® for z/OS security administration by delivering improved control, comprehensive data clarity, and a robust upgrade to your ability to locate and update your TSS security file content.  Embrace the future with Access Solutions, Inc. — where our innovation empowers you make the most of your  Top Secret® for z/OS system expertise.

Reduce Cost and Simplify with TSSadmin Express™


  • Unlock Efficiency and Unparalleled Productivity: TSSadmin Express™ streamlines  Top Secret® for z/OS management, liberating your team from time-consuming tasks.
    • Harness automation to speed and optimize your service and delivery capabilities with Top Secret® administration and support.
    • Reduce operational overhead, ensuring agility and compliance in a fast-paced, regulated environment.
  • Automated Intelligence:  TSSadmin Express™ helps to detect and alert staff of anomalies that may otherwise go unnoticed, safeguarding your operations against potential threats.
  • Unparalleled Productivity: Elevate productivity with comprehensive one-button automated workflows,  intuitive command shortcuts, advanced querying, and comprehensive reporting, simplifying administrative tasks. TSSadmin Express™ enables you to focus on critical security issues by avoiding the busywork inherent with many burdensome administrative activities.
  • Robust Data Mining for Audit and Risk Assessment: Sharpen your audit responses with TSSadmin Express™. Quickly compile and analyze security file contents, turning data into actionable insights, and stay ahead of auditor demands with ease.
  • Direct Expert Support: Access direct support from our developers, eliminating the hassle of tiered support levels. Get solutions from the experts who know TSSadmin Express™ best.
  • Proven Excellence: Rely on TSSadmin Express™, a trusted solution since 2006. Invest in a product dedicated to Top Secret® for z/OS productivity and exceptional service.
TSSadmin Express™

Premier Software: TSSadmin Express™ – Elevating Top Secret® for z/OS Security


  • Enhanced Top Secret® for z/OS Management: TSSadmin Express™ redefines management efficiency with Top Secret®, utilizing advanced workflow automation, command shortcuts, and one-button workflows to streamline operations.
  • Cost-Efficiency & Simplification: By optimizing the many aspects of your Top Secret® for z/OS responsibilities — including day-to-day functions, problem diagnosis/resolution, research/reporting, and even the larger maintenance and cleanup project efforts — TSSadmin Express™ simplifies the complex administration of Top Secret® on IBM z/OS mainframes to a more straightforward and cost-effective solution.
  • Value-Added Functionality:  TSSadmin Express™ fills critical voids to enable critical insight and productivity:
    • Instant/Online search capabilities for most every aspect of TSS security content
    • Instant/Online verified online/realtime execution of TSS command sets
    • Instant/Online diagnostic tools (changelog review, access simulation, SECTRACE Navigator™)
    • Instant/Online verified “WHOHAS” reporting
    • Instant/Online aggregation of information provides more full-context displays
    • Live/Actionable output (vs. static) displays
    • Features including ColorGuard™ enhanced displays, SIMplex™ reporting, Xpress Key™ one-button workflows, QSIM™ instant simulation
    • Service Excellence & Fortified Security: TSSadmin Express™ enables higher service standards and bolstered security with automated processes that have been refined since 2006, demonstrating a consistent return on investment for our clients.

We Know Top Secret® for z/OS


Long-Term Experience: Our team has been providing specialized technical support and administration with Top Secret® for z/OS with experience that dates back to 1989, serving both the private and public sectors with unmatched expertise.


Industry and Sector Experience: Access Solutions, Inc. has a profound understanding of the nuances of private sector and government installations, in both large and small environments, ensuring that our support is tailored and relevant.


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